Yosemite National Park - Brent-Dawn-Davis-Photography
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Coming Storm Tuolumne Meadows

I was lucky to get this photo. I did not realize that Tioga Pass was going to be closed at the entrance to Yosemite National Park until a Caltrans worker stopped me and told me that the park was closing at 8pm due to a coming storm. I set a land-speed record in driving my MINI Cooper up Tioga Pass and made it with 10 minutes to spare (now mind you, by normal calculations I should have arrived after 8pm). I was the last car through the park that night. I simply could not resist stopping at this pond in Tuolumne meadows as the sunset was hitting it's peak. I got out, made my way to the little pond, got the shot and was back in my car within 2 minutes. Brent will tell you that this is a record for me!

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