About Us - Brent-Dawn-Davis-Photography

We have been avid photographers for over 30 years.  To put that in perspective, Brent still has a full black-white darkroom, though admittedly, it has not been used in a while. We have dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years, ranging from self contained bicycle trips on our tandem (a good strength test for any marriage); backpacking in the Sierras; scuba diving all over the Caribbean; seakayaking off of California's beautiful coast to paddling with Orcas in British Columbia; and, oh yeah, that ten years spent whitewater kayaking all over the world.  Our cameras have always been along for the journey.  These days we are concentrating on our photography, and spending time with our canine children.  

We are constantly searching out new techniques.  There are a lot of people offering classes, workshops and seminars on photography.  We have found that the best source for training is Bryan Peterson's School Of Photography (BPSOP).  BPSOP offers a wide variety of classes, with instructors who are experts on the given topic.  Between us, we have taken quite a few of their classes and we have both learned a great deal, and enjoyed every one of them.  If you want to learn more, check out their website at:  http://www.bpsop.com  If you find a class that you are interested in you can use the following code to receive a 10% discount off of the normal price of the course.  PPSOP65388.

We use a variety of software for our digital darkroom.  Macphun has some great products, especially their noise reduction software.  They can be found at: 


We also use NIK (love ColorEfex), OnOne (great image resizing software), Topaz (especially Impression for artistic renderings), as well as Photoshop and Lightroom.

As for gear, we are big fans of reallyrightstuff.com for tripods.  They are not inexpensive but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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